PINNACLE Curriculum
The Pinnacle Curriculum is implemented throughout the school  and provides a complete, developmentally appropriate guide for teachers of young children.  Based on the works of Piaget, Gardner and Erikson, The Pinnacle Curriculum provides hands-on, center based activities that promote the development of emerging skills.  Pinnacle is based on the latest brain-based research, rich in literacy, social awareness, and creative play.  Our abundance of resources and hands-on activities facilitate a strong foundation of math and science concepts.  In addition, you will find children engaged in creative arts, music and foreign language.

CREATIVE Curriculum
The Creative Curriculum is also implemented throughout the school and provides a guide to developmentally appropriate practices for all ages.  Creative Curriculum offers teachers the guidance, support, and freedom to be creative and responsive to children.  Because children learn from daily interactions within the environment, a carefully organized and rich environment is the foundation.  The curriculum provides an understanding of the potential of various materials to enhance learning and teaching, and knowledge of how these materials meet the developmental needs of young children.  By focusing on the developmental progress of each child, the curriculum offers an ideal setting for all children.  The curriculum focuses on interest areas to support children's development.  Creative Curriculum provides a blueprint for developing an educational setting where young children can thrive.

Based on the latest brain research, our curriculum is rich in literacy, hands on learning opportunities, pre-math, pre-science, creative arts, drama, music, foreign language, and character education.