Program Tour

INFANTS (Creepers I and Creepers II)
Nurturing, snuggling, loving...our staff takes extra care to help make the transition back to work as easy as possible for both baby and family.  You will find a safe, secure environment for your infant that leaves you with the peace of mind you need.  Babies find personal space for rest and individual attention and play spaces with attractive manipulatives that invite small motor play.  Our infants are treated to an array of experiences to meet their rapidly changing social, emotional, cognitive and physical needs.  Our specially trained staff offer our research based curriculum designed to promote emerging skills while building a bond of trust through hugs and attention.  The curriculum wraps stimulating activities in the routines of the day, giving your little one a firm foundation for learning.

TODDLERS (Toddlers, Walkers I, Walkers II, and Walkers III)
Moving, bouncing, climbing, tumbling...toddlers are on the go!  Our environment encourages the on-the-move toddler to engage and explore, climb a soft structure, push a stroller or cart, build a tower, and then retreat to a soft lap for an encouraging hug or comforting story.  The toddlers find a balance of room for moving and waddling in addition to areas designed to attract their attention to language, thinking, balancing, sorting, creating and learning through their senses.  The toddler curriculum builds upon the infant program, to add activity centers where children can move, build, read and create.  It provides an array of experiences, based on the latest brain research, that encourages growth and development of language, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, cognitive skills, and social/emotional skills.  All are disguised in routines and fun that delights the toddlers.

TWOS/YOUNG THREES (Trainers I and Trainers II)
Independent, their quest for independence, two and three year olds move, explore, challenge, test and conquer!  This classroom is appropriately set for the transition between toddler and preschool, with learning centers that encourage exploration, climbers that stimulate development of large motor skills and materials that engage children in hands on exploration.

THREES/FOURS (Explorers I and Explorers II)
Exploring, growing, creating...Our three/four year olds have a balance of fun, educational challenge, and nurturing care.  The classroom equipment is designed to capture your child's interest and engage them in exploration that encourages thinking skills.In our three year old program provides learning experiences that set the stage for academic success and lifelong problem-solving skills in an environment that attracts and engages the child.  In addition, you will find nurturing staff that understand the need for individual attention, hugs, and love while recognizing that children grow, develop and learn at their own pace.

GA PRE-K (Northside Drive Location Only)
We offer the GA Lottery Funded Pre-K program to our four year olds. Children must be four before September 1st to be eligible for the GA Pre-K program. The program uses the Creative Curriculum to ensure all academic categories are covered through the day. 

SUMMER CAMP (Northside Drive Location Only)
Action packed, adventurous...a summer designed to meet the needs of the active child is a sure thing at "CAMP NORTHSIDE".  Exciting, fun, educational field trips designed to jump start your child's imagination and create lasting memories. Our summer camp is only offered to children ages 4 to 5.

Our Environment

Our Committment to a QUALITY ENVIRONMENT

Northside Prep Learning Center is dedicated to providing a high quality early childhood program which is safe and nurturing all while promoting the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development of young children.  You will see frequent, positive, warm interactions with the children from our specially trained teachers and administrators.  The carefully planned learning activities and experiences are appropriate to children's age and development, such as reading stories, block building, painting, dress-up, and active outdoor play.  All of these activities are fostered by having a variety of age-appropriate materials which provide for cultural diversity.  Our ongoing, systematic evaluations for children's development provides information for planning inclusive learning environments to meet the needs of all children.  

Our teachers participate in ongoing professional development and provide regular communication with families who are welcome visitors at all times.  A recent study on the effects of child care by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development found that quality educational child care and family involvement are key elements in a child's development.  Children in higher quality educational environments during their first five years scored higher on tests of cognitive skills and language ability.  The commitment to quality is also evidenced by our highly experienced leadership team who bring together a carefully balanced program to instill a lifetime love of learning and success at Northside Prep.